Americans for Democracy in the Middle East (ADME) advocates U.S. policies and approaches that will support democratic movements in the Middle East.

Advancing democracy in the Middle East is a strategic necessity against the global threat of terrorism. Whenever democracy is not a reality, a breeding ground for terrorism will take place that will endanger our national interests and threaten the global harmony.

ADME also emphasizes the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism (whose heart beats in places like Tehran). Since Islamic fundamentalism is the greatest threat to democracy, ADME finds it essential to support and promote Islamic movements that are genuinely democratic and are the antithesis of Islamic fundamentalists.

ADME prompts exchanges and dialogs between  the American and Middle Eastern people and organizations on topics such as terrorism, religious tolerance, and women's rights. ADME is particularly interested in promoting the latter, i.e., women's right, as it is fundamental in building democratic institutions there.